Insight: Issue 134 | Wed 3 May – Cameron Events

Insight: Issue 134 | Wed 3 May

Cameron Events

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Got those post bank holiday blues? Well, while we eagerly await next weeks holibags (cheers Charlie boy), let’s dig in to some good old fashioned events based newsery shall we?



This weeks batch of knowledge: Emerging Trends Fuel the Growth of the Event Industry; Managing the health and safety at your trade show: pro tips; A weird, purple flying QR code made of drones appeared in the sky over London for no obvious reason; and UFC fights to be shown in immersive 8K LED ‘shared reality’.


Emerging Trends Fuel the Growth of the Event Industry


In line with the ever expanding nature of our glorious little industry, projections by Allied Market Research show that the global event industry market is on track for notable growth between 2021 and 2028.



Why you ask? Well, here’s a few key trends that could be something to do with it:

Increased event sponsorship to boost event industry market growth

Business and startups see the sponsorship of events as a key marketing tool that boosts sales and raises brand awareness. This backing has meant for event management companies to intensify the promotion of their event and reel in the crowds.

The exponential rise of social media marketing and advertising to fuel the growth of the industry

With a wealth of free social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram at their marketing disposal, event planners are now able to track traffic to their website, attract new clients and build their company’s rep.

COVID-19 impact on the event industry market

Off the back of the pandemic, popularity for the virtual/hybrid event is showing no signs of slowing down. The flexibility that hybrid platforms like Canapii bring has made the staging of these type of events simpler and ultimately more successful.


Managing the health and safety at your trade show: pro tips


In an article by EN, Dakota Murphy shares her top health and safety tips for those of you looking to organise a trade show or exhibition.



We’ll pick a few key takes:

Risk assessments

A necessary step that covers all risk eventualities, risk assessments are an old school requirement for event hosting. So what do you need? A document showing proof of assessment and management plans for potential risks – choose the right person to lead the charge on this one, or maybe even outsource an event risk assessment specialist.

Crowd control

Crowd control and safety are top priority. Plan traffic management with local authorities, map queue areas, use clear signage and ensure safe passage inside the venue.

Hygiene facilities

Dependent on venue facilities, hygiene, waste management, and sanitation should be prioritised for trade show safety. To avoid the spread of COVID and other viruses, hand-washing facilities should be readily available.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is a no brainer. Identify risks and adjust the event to minimise them. Ensure evacuation routes, fire exits, assembly points and appropriate fire extinguishers.


A weird, purple flying QR code made of drones appeared in the sky over London for no obvious reason


Is that purple rain?

No – it was just insurance company Beazley’s 400 drone strong purple QR code seen flying over London the other night. Obviously…



The company unleashed the impressive UFO at a private event at the Thames-side Magazine London venue, and was seen for 20 seconds before morphing into a coat stand, a paper plane and finally resolving on the company logo.


The dos and don’ts of presenting


Realise’s COO, Richard John, sheds some expert light on what he thinks makes for a successful presentation.



Here’s a few of his handy how-to’s:

Be unconventional

“Think about how the ‘James Bond’ films have moved the opening credits until after a dramatic scene that has captured our attention and left us breathless. Once your audience is hooked you can slow things down – briefly – to set the scene.”

Those first few seconds matter

“This is your time to set the tone. Embrace a moment of silence. Think about how a newsreader will pass over to a journalist ‘in the field;’ the roving reporter will always pause for a few seconds to ensure they have the viewers’ attention. Stillness, then a nod and a smile are all you need to get started.”

Speak only if you’re ready

“Make sure your first sound isn’t an ‘uhm’ or ‘err’. Only speak if you’re ready. All those non-word sounds can irritate your audience and reduce your impact.

I know you’ll put a huge amount of effort into your presentation. Always remember, the star of the show is you. Those first few seconds are your chance to shine.”


UFC fights to be shown in immersive 8K LED ‘shared reality’


Immersive technology company Cosm has teamed up with UFC to launch new venues in the US featuring 8K immersive LED “shared reality” displays showing the fights.



The tech pioneers kicked off a similar partnership with the NBA earlier this year and is set to open its first venue at Hollywood Park in LA in 2024. The audience will be immersed in an arena-like atmosphere that simulates an octagon-side experience with all the energy of the crowd. Cosm has already set to work testing the 8k feeds at their R&D facility in Salt Lake City ahead of the launch.

That’s the sitch for this week guys and gals.

Join us next week for more worldly events wisdom.