Insight: Issue 83 (16 March) – Cameron Events

Insight: Issue 83 (16 March)

Cameron Events

Greetings and good vibes to all…


Another feast of event related news is just round the corner (or down below to be more precise). Solidarity with the people of Ukraine as always.



This week: We see how good our industry is, with an event prof fundraising for Ukraine initiative; A brand new open-air space at London’s Dockyards is opening soon; tips and advice from an expert on how to become a good leader in our industry; and the Paralympics leads the way with cutting-edge immersive tech.


Event Profs fundraising for Ukraine


Just to crystallise how amazing our industry is, we lead with the story that Event profs are being called on to show their support for Ukraine by competing in the ‘Ride for Ukraine’ event against a GB cyclist in order to fundraise for the victims of this horrific invasion.

GB Cycling gold medallist Charlie Tanfield is hosting the latest Legacy 300 VIP Charity Days at Lee Valley Velo Park, In London on 17 March. Riders will compete to ride as close as possible to Tanfield’s lap time – to raise funds for the Disasters Emergency Committee’s (DEC) Ukraine appeal.

Interested? Contact to book your place on the Ride for Ukraine. You will need to make a small contribution to cover the cost of track, coaching staff and bike hire.

Event Profs – we salute you.


Dockyards – New Ground-Breaking open-air cultural destination for London


A brand new transformable space – Docklands – has recently been announced by Broadwick Live, the group behind some of the UK’s most ambitious and acclaimed venues.

The expansive 400,000 sq ft open-air waterside location will breathe new life into the Royal Docks, with the ability to create new and bespoke backdrops and settings for major events and experiences, and working in partnership with the world’s best artists and cultural brands as well as promoting home-grown talent.

Bradley Thompson, Group Managing Director of Broadwick Live, says:

“We’re really excited to open Dockyards, creating a new centre of cultural gravity for London in the heart of The Royal Docks. Dockyards will shape the area through cultural and commercial innovation by bringing a year round programme of events and activities in partnership with the world’s best. As a Broadwick Live venue, visitors and artists are assured of a world-class experience, while we also deliver meaningful impact for the area and local communities.”

Exciting times down at London’s Docklands, with the first events scheduled for 3-4 September 2022 (Defected London – partytime).

Grab your tickets here →


Who is that – some kind of leader?



Looking to lead from the front but still finding your feet? We know the feeling. Building a productive events team from scratch can be challenging at the best of times, let alone following a pandemic and with so much global instability. However, fear not aspiring leaders, Nora Sheils of Special Events has put together a handy checklist of all those qualities required to get you motivated, including quick synopsis of how to master those qualities.



Thanks Nora, very handy – be it business or politics, we think the world probably needs a new breed of leaders, don’t you?


And finally – tech empowers Paralympics


It wouldn’t be a Cameron bulletin without some awe-inspiring tech story. So this week, look no further than the recent Paralympics in China, where cutting-edge tech had provided participants with state-of-the-art experiences.


From service robots to the combination of and sports events, the Winter Paralympics has used cutting-edge technologies to provide inclusive communication and hospitality, and utilised state-of-the-art services for athletes and spectators.

Lü Shiming, vice president of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, said that “Many technologies put on display at the Winter Paralympics have fully demonstrated China’s high-level innovation and high-quality development in the field of barrier-free technology and intelligence.”

Immersive spectator tech such as 360 degree broadcasts are just round the corner, and frankly we just can’t wait.