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The power of theming: elevating your events in 2019

Cameron Events

Question: How do I elevate my event this year? . . . 

Answer: Theming!


Choosing the perfect theme is key to a knock-out event. Why? Because themes have the power to create buzz, draw a crowd, and set the right tone. Ultimately, the end result will be a memorable event and an admired brand. What could be better than that?

If that seems like an impossible undertaking, don’t panic! A well-executed theme doesn’t have to mean breaking the budget. In fact, some of the most effective event themes can be brought to life with a simple colour scheme, some impactful lighting, and a few striking accents. A lot of our clients come to us wanting to create a certain feeling or atmosphere, which can often be achieved without a whole host of expensive kit.


What does theming look like in action?

We recently produced the awards and season launch for Guinness PRO14 at The Argyle Street Arches, where the client asked for a party atmosphere that would shatter the mould of black-tie, round-table award shows. Our solution? Accentuating the venue’s unique shape and textures with mood lighting, impactful photography, and some quirky event furniture.

And if you’re working with a blank canvas event space, you can let your theme do the heavy lifting. We worked on a neon Christmas party at the Lennox EICC in Edinburgh – a corporate, but very mouldable, venue. We brought the theme to life with a wash of illuminated furniture and a retro 70’s dance floor. Simple, but very effective.

Themes to look out for in 2019

If you’re looking to up your game for your next event, here are a few trends to take advantage of this year.

2019 will be a year of bold and eye-catching colours, and we expect the classic black and gold combo to pop up a lot. And it probably won’t surprise you that opulent velvets will continue to reign supreme – perfect in delicate pastel shades or sumptuous jewel tones. Equally, if you prefer a more industrial look, the rustic angle will be a popular choice this year – incorporate woods and other natural materials to bring the outdoors in!

So, what can theming do for you?

A well-executed theme can give your event the ever-elusive ‘wow factor’ – regardless of budget. With the events landscape becoming increasingly crowded, and budgets continuing to stretch, theming is an opportunity to stand out and mark your mark.

So for your next event, be clever with colour and experiment with lighting – and don’t be afraid to think outside the Pinterest box!