2019 Summit – Cameron Events

communicating about communication...woah

Bolder. Braver. (That’s the theme.) Better than ever. (That’s the goal.)

The annual Kantar Summit is *the* place for discussing all things media and communications – and they asked for our help to take this year’s summit to the next level. In case anyone’s keeping track, here are just a few of the many bold and brave ideas to come out of the 2019 get-together:

(1) When it comes to data, ethics are everything, so always put people first (courtesy of Unilever, wise words). (2) If you want to truly engage people, real-life stories are the way to go (courtesy of Cancer Research UK, couldn’t agree more). (3) Live events are the greatest platform for communication (courtesy of Cameron…okay, okay – we added that last one. But we stand by it.)

no substitute for bold & brave ideas

We sent our merry crew to the two venues – Gleneagles Hotel and Stirling Castle – setting up a secure live video conference between London and Gleneagles, and a 2-way video & audio link across the hotel’s IT network (a fancy way of saying our event magicians made the cables disappear!).

When it came to the theming/furniture, we created a luxury airport lounge vibe – with a custom-built ‘check-in’ style display, showing highlight reels of previous summits in Miami, New York, Cape Town, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Berlin, LA, Rio de Janeiro, and Hong Kong…We’re not jealous at all.

This year Kantar also wanted to change up the layout. Previously they’d gone for a classroom-style set-up with rectangular tables and chairs – but it proved too tempting for delegates to get their laptops out and start firing off emails. Not ideal. We opted for café-style seating instead, with low circular tables – just big enough for refreshments, and the right environment for encouraging some lively debate.

power down & catch up

Because, at an event like this, the best way to connect ideas is to shut off your laptop for a little while and communicate in the good old-fashioned way (face to face, in case you’ve forgotten).

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show-stopping venues

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