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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a birthday party? Guests in silly party hats? Booze in plastic cups? Stevie Wonder? … Okay, well, Shepherd & Wedderburn’s birthday bash was nothing like that. Picture guests in evening dresses and suits, mason jars of trendy cocktails, and a live harpist. Now you’re getting closer.

. . . hip . . .

They were celebrating their 250th anniversary, a truly remarkable milestone. To put it in perspective – in 1768, George III is King of Great Britain, Captain Cook’s ship ‘The Endeavour’ sets sail, and the first ever circus is staged in London. Oh, and Shepherd & Wedderburn are formed.

Understandably, they wanted to throw one hell of a party for their staff and clients. One for the ages, if you will. They asked us to help, and it was an offer we simply couldn’t refuse.

. . . hooray!

What did we bring to the party, you ask? It was our job to create the perfect atmosphere for the guests to celebrate their achievements and let their hair down. That meant lights, camera, action, and a bit of bling. A stage with a sleek branded lectern, live camera relay to capture the magic, the all-important light-up bar (difficult to get hold of in 1768), and even a giant illuminated ‘250’. Because if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

And the location? Edinburgh Castle, of course. Quite literally a venue fit for kings and queens. After a drinks reception in the Redcoat Café, guests drifted through to the adjoining Jacobite Room for the rest of the evening, where they soaked in a breath-taking view of the city at night. In more ways than one, the Shepherd & Wedderburn crew were on top of the world.

See you again for the 500 year anniversary? Imagine the tech…

many happy returns

It was a spectacular event (if we do say so ourselves) befitting of their many years of success. The only downside? 250 candles is a few too many to fit on a cake.


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