Awards & Season Launch - Cameron Events | Glasgow

kick off

Rewind 20 years, and rugby looked totally different. Gone are the days of boozy post-game socials and obligatory cauliflower ears. Advances in the game now demand players to be faster, fitter and stronger. And better training and nutrition ensure those who take to the field are in peak physical condition. Never was this more obvious than at The Guinness PRO14 Awards in The Arches, when we were surrounded by hordes of mega-athletic rugby giants.

scrum down

We were there to set the scene for the show—to create a party atmosphere that would break the mould of black-tie, round-table awards shows. In other words, not your average do. Our client’s wish-list: screens for showcasing cool content, a bespoke stage for Q&As with the players, a backdrop for photography, mood lighting, and some quirky event furniture. We had just the ticket.


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