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Virtual Solution for a World Leading Brand


Kantar, a prominent company in market research and data analytics, faced a significant hurdle just nine days before their anticipated Ignite Conference in London.

Unexpected rail strikes threatened to disrupt the conference’s attendance and functionality, prompting a rapid need to pivot to a virtual event. With limited time to plan and execute, we had to act swiftly and strategically to ensure a successful event.

Rapid Planning & Coordination


Cameron Events immediately assembled a specialised team to address the challenge. Within hours, we engaged in intense planning sessions to determine the necessary AV infrastructure, remote connectivity requirements and logistics for the virtual event setup.




Cameron Events leveraged Kantar’s fantastic new office space in London. We conducted an expedited on-site assessment to determine the best configuration for the virtual setup, taking into account physical space, lighting, acoustics and tech.


Technology Integration


Armed with vast experience of hosting virtual events, we swiftly procured and installed a full live broadcast setup with autocue and studio lighting combined with a green screen stage to facilitate the keynote presentations and a full panel discussion.


Live Show


To provide a fully immersive and engaging show for our virtual audience, our expert team mixed the live cameras and sound feeds seamlessly with pre-recorded videos, all lead by our onsite show producer.





Job done! Our successful execution of this high-profile virtual event under extreme time constraints stands as a testament to our adaptability, technical proficiency, and commitment to delivering high-quality event solutions.

Our team’s fantastic ability to turn unforeseen challenges into opportunities is showcased in our dedication to client satisfaction and event excellence. Bravo team!

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