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The room is humming with the sound of great minds collaborating. Wandering around, we can hear people discussing mankind’s responsibility to use technology for good, not evil. Another group are exploring a virtual world through VR headsets. Oh, and there’s a robot dog in the corner. It might sound like the set of a sci-fi film, but no—it’s the sixth annual TEDxGlasgow conference at the SEC Armadillo.

Inspirational speakers, thinkers and doers have gathered to explore this year’s theme: ‘Re-think…’. With 20 thought-provoking lectures and a jam-packed exhibition, it’s set to be an awesome day.

re-think outside the box

Team Cameron were on site with some of our favourite gear—LED trees, giant deck chairs, drum tables, café chairs, bean bags, and woodland furniture—to create a tranquil space for guests to deconstruct the ideas of the day. It’s a place for coffee, questions, and conversation.

To say there was a lot to discuss, well, that would be an understatement. From talks on the mysteries of the dark universe, to the future of artificial intelligence, to sustainable innovations in the fight against climate change, and even a checklist for what it takes to send a robot to Mars—it was raw, emotional, and fascinating.

Frankly, it’s an event prof’s dream. Bringing people together to innovate and inspire.

open minds, open hearts

Working with like-minded folk, sharing ideas and challenging one another—we couldn’t ask for more. Thank you TEDxGlasgow, you’ve given us a lot to re-think about.

TED talks
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