192nd UCI Congress - Cameron Events | Glasgow


Delegates at the 192nd UCI Congress, a pivotal gathering of international cycling stakeholders, gathered in Glasgow’s SEC to address critical matters affecting the sport’s global community.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) were looking to create a fully immersive event which would foster collaboration, innovation, and facilitate impactful discussions. With the requirement of seamless AV integration, a virtual & hybrid experience and highly engaging visual presentations, UCI partnered with Cameron to bring their vision to life.

Our Challenges

Hybrid Synergy

UCI aimed to unify both in-person and virtual participants for a cohesive, engaging experience.

Immersive Environment

Creating a stage design that resonated with the spirit of cycling while facilitating productive discussions and decision-making.

Global Communication

With a diverse audience, translation services were pivotal for effective cross-cultural communication.

Presenter Assistance

Speakers required a smooth autocue experience to maintain connection with the audience while delivering their messages.

Visual Grandeur

UCI envisioned a 45ft by 15ft wide 4K blended projection to captivate and emphasize the dynamism of cycling.


Cameron’s Solutions


1. Full Live and Hybrid AV Production Support:

Cameron’s extensive experience in managing hybrid events ensured seamless transitions between in-person and virtual segments, fostering engagement for all attendees.

2. Stage, Set, and Lighting Design:

Cameron’s creative prowess resulted in a stage that merged technology and cycling aesthetics. Dynamic lighting and thematic elements created an atmosphere conducive to impactful discussions.

3. Translation Services

Cameron’s linguists provided real-time translations, allowing international attendees to engage fully with content, enhancing global dialogue.

4. Autocue Services

Cameron’s autocue systems facilitated presenters’ fluid delivery, helping them maintain eye contact while conveying messages effectively.

5. 4K Blended Projection

The 4K blended projection, calibrated to perfection by Cameron’s experts, added a visual marvel, showcasing cycling’s energy and vibrancy.


• The hybrid format expanded UCI Congress’s reach, bringing together a global audience for constructive discussions.

• Cameron’s stage design resonated with cycling enthusiasts, complementing the event’s purpose and ambience.

• Multilingual attendees were connected through real-time translations, fostering a harmonious exchange of ideas.

• Autocue systems empowered speakers to confidently deliver messages, enhancing overall engagement.

• The 4K blended projection left attendees awe-struck, enhancing the event’s visual appeal and impact.




Cameron’s versatile AV solutions elevated the 192nd UCI Congress at SEC Glasgow, leaving a lasting impact on participants. By orchestrating full live and hybrid AV production, crafting captivating stage designs, offering translation services, providing autocue systems, and showcasing the breathtaking 4K blended projection, Cameron flawlessly blended innovation and creativity.

This collaboration underscores Cameron’s proficiency in delivering exceptional AV experiences, setting new benchmarks in cycling congresses and beyond. As the 192nd UCI Congress concluded, Cameron’s AV mastery stood as a testament to the company’s commitment to enhancing events through cutting-edge technology and artistry.

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