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Furniture Focus: What’s my event looking like in 2019?

Adam Cameron

If you’re already planning an event for next year, or just want to be ahead of the curve this year, then don’t fret – we’re here to help! As slaves to trends, it’s our business to look ahead at what’s in the mix for the coming year and share it with you good, good people. So let’s do it.

Most trends are driven by colour, fabric and, ultimately, what’s on the catwalk. We’ll try not to bore you with style jargon like Scandi-chic or post-modern vintage ‘cause, well, no-one really cares. And we know you’re only here for the sexy furniture photos anyway…

It’s probably no surprise to hear that pastel colours will still reign supreme next year – we just can’t get enough! It’s pink in particular, yellow for the mellow and blue for the new. 2018 was yellow’s year and, while it’ll still be rocking it next year, pink will be the real queen of 2019.

Natural materials and velvet are overtaking leather as the go-to this year, ensuring the Scandinavian look is here to stay. These create a unique blend of retro and contemporary, allowing other trending colours – like burnt orange, racing green and deep navy – to really stand out.



Gold, brass and matt black will also feature strongly in 2019. Copper’s been the dominant metal colour in recent years and will still have its place – however, designers are now sneaking in gold and black through coffee tables, side tables, chair legs and lamps.

Wood is always a popular choice of material, and next year it’ll be combined with metal for a look that’s more industrial than rustic – a fusion of styles past and present. Wired tables and chairs have been a growing trend in 2018, and will definitely peak in 2019.



So remember…you heard it here first!