Insight: Issue 142 | Wed 28 June - Cameron Events | Glasgow

Insight: Issue 142 | Wed 28 June

Cameron Events

And I guess that’s why they call it the news


After a long weekend of unadulterated musical madness, the sun’s gone down on Glasto, but we’re still standing – better than we ever did. So let’s give the cows their field back and crack on with some stellar event stories shall we?



This week we’ve got: National Portrait Gallery embraces large-scale projection; NEC Group reduces carbon emissions by 222 tonnes per year through improved waste management practices; Lockdown impact still plays on the mind, according to Hyve study; The Power of Events reaches milestones; NOWIE Announces First Board of Advisors


National Portrait Gallery embraces large-scale projection


Behold – LDN’s National Portrait Gallery is set for a triumphant return!

After three long years of closure, the capital’s gallery is set to reopen, kicking off with an impressive installation helmed by immersive experience pioneers at Sysco Productions in collab with exhibition designer Nissen Richards Studio.



Using six units of Epson’s EB-PU2120W laser projector, a 15m x 8m projection wall near the entrance will showcase a captivating animated carousel of contemporary and classic portraits from the gallery’s vast collection – with everyone from the late Queen to the starman himself David Bowie showing face. Additionally, the 20,000 lumen strong low energy consuming projectors will employ blending techniques to seamlessly merge the images. Other areas of the gallery house separate digital image displays using Epson’s EP-PU1007W and EB-PU2216B projectors, all part of the Inspiring People redevelopment project.


Katherine Biggs, head of digital at National Portrait Gallery, comments:

“We wanted to use projection technology to give a snapshot of portraits from our collection and a taste of what’s in store in a visit. This is a really amazing way for us to provide a unique and impactful introduction to visitors and show that we are a forward-facing institution The hope is that in the future we can use this system to work with contemporary artists and partners to create media and new installations.”


NEC Group reduces carbon emissions by 222 tonnes per year through improved waste management practices


The NEC Group, in collaboration with OCS Group and Biffa, have achieved a remarkable environmental feat. The trifecta’s first-class efforts have led to a C02 savings equivalent to 3,670 tree saplings respiring for a decade. Initiated in August 2020, the partnership has focused on sustainable waste management operations, aiming to hit full on net zero by 2040.



By optimising vehicle usage, employing advanced packer technology, and prioritising waste reduction, reuse, and recycling, the Group has scaled back their carbon emissions by approximately 222 tonnes annually. These savings are about the same as charging 27 million mobile phones, driving an average family car for 569,108 miles, or powering 257 UK homes for a year.


Steve Cartmell, Group FM Contract Support Manager at the NEC Group, said:

“We are incredibly proud to have reached this milestone,”

“Our dedication to environmental responsibility is deeply rooted in our values, and this accomplishment reinforces our commitment to making a tangible difference. We hope that our success serves as an inspiration for others across the industry to join us in creating a sustainable world for future generations.” 

Sterling work troops!


Lockdown impact still plays on the mind, according to Hyve study


Stats from a recent survey by Hyve Group saw 60% of workers expressing concerns about the long-term negative effects of lockdown on their mental well-being and overall quality of life. The study, conducted in collab with Cambridge University academic Professor Barbara Sahakian, emphasises the lasting impact of lockdowns on mental health – highlighting the need to address these issues ASAP. The survey also uncovered that 54% of professionals feel increased social anxiety at work compared to pre-pandemic, and only 18% think remote meetings are as effective as in-person ones.



The survey also found:

 – 25% reported feeling more disengaged] with their work post-pandemic, within that 15% admit to ‘quiet quitting’ as a consequence of remote or hybrid working arrangements.
– 36% say they view work as less important to their life as a whole than they did pre-pandemic.
– 58% of respondents say they now socialise less than they did before the pandemic and 52% say they have experienced increased feelings of loneliness due to the pandemic.


The Power of Events reaches milestones


The Power of Events is knocking it out the park, achieving significant milestones since its big launch four months ago. With the compelling support of over 500 organisations, TPOE has raised a mammoth £200,000 to focus on highlighting the seven sectors within the events biz. The organisation is now working on developing its upcoming ‘Industry Insight App ’(set for launch in October 2023) along with a cross-nation roadshow. Whats more, the industry body plan to launch a Careers Hub and a Schools Engagement Programme to educate students about event industry careers. If that wasn’t enough, a pilot scheme is being developed for East Anglia, with nationwide expansion planned across the UK in 2024.



TPOE founder Rick Stanley comments:

“Thank you so much to all our supporters and partners who are clearly as passionate as the Taskforce and Action Groups are about the future of our industry, enabling this unprecedented collaboration to grow so rapidly.”


NOWIE Announces First Board of Advisors


The time is NOWIE.

The Network of Women In Events (NOWIE), has introduced its first board of advisors. Set up in 2013 to improve opportunities for women in the live events biz, NOWIE has recently formed a new committee and team. The board rallies together top experts in diversity and inclusion, PR, organisational operations, fundraising, and HR.



Big names from the business include (to name but a few):

Gilly Bain (culture, talent and operations manager, YOURgb Events Ltd), Katie Curzon (director, Powwow Events), Selina Donald (founder, The Bulb), Hannah Eakins (CEO, Production Futures), Lizzy Eaton (MD, Oddity Events & Marketing), Katie Hester, (access manager, Live Nation/Festival Republic)


Kate Nicholls OBE, Chair of UKHospitality, comments:

“There are clear synergies between the events and hospitality industries and they have shared many of the same challenges in recent years. I’m happy to be asked to contribute to NOWIE’s continued development and look forward to our work together making experiences better for women across the board”.


1,400 drones turn the night sky over Shenzen into a mythical dragon

In a remarkable synchronised display celebrating China’s Dragon Boat Festival, over 1,400 drones light up the night sky over the city of Shenzen, continuously morphing into the shape of the fire breathing mythical beast, a fish, whale, eagle and the solar system.

Absolutely stunning – check it out pronto.



We’ll clock out for this week

Catch y’all next week for s’more events musings.