Insight: Issue 149 | Wed 16 August – Cameron Events

Insight: Issue 149 | Wed 16 August

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Total news fiend? Here’s one for you all you Bulletin Bobs, Telegram Sams and Headline Harrys.



So what’s occurring: Power of Events receives grant support for Schools Engagement Programme; UK’s AEO launches #CHOOSEEVENTS campaign; Why capturing first-party data at your events will delight your fans and your CRM!; Elevate launches ‘ElevateHer’; and UKEvents Confirms Nationwide Caterers Association as Partner.


Power of Events receives grant support for Schools Engagement Programme


The Events Industry Forum (EIF) has provided TPOE with a cool £10,000 in order to give the development of their pioneering school engagement programme a leg up.



The programme’s pilot (set to be conducted in schools across the east of England) looks to clue in secondary school students to the wide variety of live events across the seven sectors, it’s potential job opportunities, and hints and tips as to how to get yourself involved in the industry. It also guides keen students to the industry community partners on the TPOE platform – a good opportunity to invest in future talent.

TBOE’s founder Rick Stainton said: “The industry has asked us to engage, educate and inspire the next generation of talent using our unique cross-sector community across the four nations and the support from EIF has made this a reality.”


UK’s AEO launches #CHOOSEEVENTS campaign


Get primed for #CHOOSEEVENTS – the new campaign by the AEO that promotes the diverse opportunities of live events.

A social based campaign, driven by stories, videos, and member insights, #CHOOSEEVENTS pushes for the shifting of “the way talent enters the industry, from falling into events to choosing events.”



The AEO’s development board, an expert team that includes Easyfairs’ Alison Willis and Clarion Events’ James McGough, is leading the charge – and they were keen to share their thoughts on the newest venture.

#CHOOSEEVENTS spearhead Alison Wills said: “I know I ‘fell’ into the event industry many years ago, as did many of my peers. This is our opportunity to reach the future of the industry with messaging that will resonate and excite the next generation of talent! We have so much to be proud of and to shout about and this campaign gives us the platform to do so.”

Mike Frost, co-founder of Expocast, elaborates: “Whether it be the travel, social opportunities, the rush of running your event, the chance to work with high profile brands, or the quick progression for those who really excel, the #CHOOSEEVENTS campaign will elevate the wider awareness of our industry like never before.”


Why capturing first-party data at your events will delight your fans and your CRM!


The cookie-free era is nigh. And it’s time to make the most of it.

With Google ditching the little browsing data biscuits, it looks like we’re diving headfirst into a bold new cookie free culture. Brands and consumers are teaming up to trade data for mutual gains – and with the comeback of live experience showing no signs of slowing down, it’s the perfect time for integrating first-party data strategies for enhanced engagement and CRM enrichment.



Fabacus have teamed up with IMG for an almighty ‘data & delight’ collab, an Xelacore tech led strategy that enhances fan experience and humanises on-ground customer relationship management.

In a recent report by giants of the game Eventbrite, it was revealed that 76% of people are willing to pay more for premium experiences and 83% believe phones enhancing events. Does this mean for the all-powerful merging of live and digital for the ultimate unforgettable experience? – we think it probably does.

Perhaps it’s time we brace our selfs for data-humanising. It’s our path to perks like loyalty, tailor-made experiences and deeper customer connections.


Elevate launches ‘ElevateHer’


‘ElevateHer”, Elevate’s new initiative for gender equality and quashing discrimination against women in the workplace, has landed.

Speaking on the global staffing partner’s groundbreaking new initiative, the company’s COO Caroline Fleck talks what it will mean for the future for women in business.



“Whilst there’s been considerable change over recent times for women in the workplace, we still have a long way to go. As a woman that’s had to encounter many barriers right from when I was on the field as an event manager, to even now in my role at C-suite level. I’ve learned that we need to enable a more equitable solution and situation for women in business.”

With an emphasis on new policy creation, Fleck discusses how ‘ElevateHer’ can make waves towards tackling the most relevant issues.

“Plans are still in the works, but we are looking to organise roundtables and events to bring people together to support through discussion, education, influence and action.”


UKEvents Confirms Nationwide Caterers Association as Partner


Big shout out to UKEVENTS and Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) – the industry’s newest BFFs.



Confirmed as the latest partner of the UK’s events umbrella org, the 30 year strong catering stalwarts are the nation’s only membership consortium that support the indie food and drinks business in keeping them safe, legal, and in profit.

The NCASS has been calling out the UK Gov on several issues, campaigning for the reduction of the hospitality biz’s VAT costs to keep it inline with the EU as well as highlighting the struggle of the rising rate of inflation.

UKEVENTS head honcho Chris Skeith is buzzing about the new partnership: “With NCASS as a member of UKEVENTS, we are excited to amplify our collective voice and work collaboratively to bring about tangible, positive changes that will contribute to the success of our entire industry.”


It’s ciao for now amigos.

We’ll see you next week for more events shenanigans.