Insight: Issue 153 | Wed 13 Sept - Cameron Events | Glasgow

Insight: Issue 153 | Wed 13 Sept

Cameron Events

Newsness gracious!


In the week where Gazza gave Prince William a peck on the cheek in a Pret A Manger (yes, that really happened), it’s all been kicking off something proper in the events biz.



So what’s on the cards this week: Silent Conference headsets for Event Sustainability Live; SEC throws support behind Indys; Rising trend of non-drinkers at events; Coping Strategies for Event Planning Professionals; and UK’s The Business of Events launches Global Destination Report Survey.


Silent Conference headsets for Event Sustainability Live


Hear, Hear – UK-based audio gurus Silent Conference have stepped up as the ‘Official Headset Provider’ for Event Sustainability Live (ESL), set for this Nov at ExCeL London.



Headphones play a pivotal role in the event biz nowadays, allowing for the extending of content beyond the limitations of PA systems, meaning for direct, clear communication between speakers and audiences. Stalwarts of the listening game, the 14 year-strong Silent Conference have catered to big names like Red Bull, JBL, and Ernst and Young over the years, providing their wares at events across the globe.


SEC throws support behind Indys


The SEC, a sponsor of this year’s Exhibition News Indy Conference, has championed the work of indy organisers and the role they play in the ongoing success of the Glasgow venue. In the previous year, the SEC saw over 2m visitors passed through it’s doors, and has kept up long-running partnerships with independent event planners, some spanning 29 years. Indy shows now contribute to nearly 80% of the venue’s expo revenue. What’s more, with new additions to their event lineup like GoGreen Scotland under their belt, their sustainability and Net Zero 2030 game is on the up and up.


SWS Feb 2023
Pic by Alan Peebles


Here’s what the SEC’s director of exhibition sales Dan Thurlow had to say: “We’ve made it our business to help our clients firstly understand, and secondly capitalise on the hugely diverse audience they have to engage here in Scotland. Independent organisers are crucial to this and, in fact, they account for the majority of our shows and a substantial portion of our revenue from an exhibitions point of view.”


Rising trend of non-drinkers at events


The events business, once synonymous with boozy nights, banging headaches and a whole host of morning regrets, is undergoing a transformation. A surge in non-drinkers and rightfully sensible attendees is compelling organisers to rethink their liquid offerings.



The evidence? A recent survey conducted by Conference News of event planners showed a whopping 89% of respondents noting a rise in demand for non-alcoholic drink options. Many expressed their frustration with the slim pickings available for non-drinkers, although 61% did claim to offer a broad range of non-alcoholic beverages, despite the cost and supply challenges. The rub, 74% still primarily cater to drinkers, which doesn’t do us any favours in terms of industry perception.

Will orange juice and bottled water cut the mustard nowadays? Probably not. It’s time we double down on our non-alcoholic beverage game.


Coping Strategies for Event Planning Professionals


Therapy gives you a safe, judgment-free space to talk about your thoughts and feelings, which there’s no doubt is helpful for event planners dealing with the stresses that come with the job. Whether you’re an event planner, caterer, florist, photographer, or DJ, you’re thrown head first into a fast-paced, high-stress world.



That’s where coping strategies come in. Stress-busting techniques like mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, as well as relaxation and yoga are some of the key strategies that therapeutic support resource Event Therapy Network shares with profs to manage the strain, and challenge negative thought patterns.

Plus, therapy helps to motivate, empower, set goals, and boost job satisfaction, all in all making your career more fulfilling. Top job, Event Therapy Network!


UK’s The Business of Events launches Global Destination Report Survey


UK think tank, TBOE, has joined forces with IBTM World and Meet in Ireland to launch the Global Destination Report Survey. This collab aims to corral some insight from destinations and convention bureaux from around the globe, offering an in depth look at the business events industry and global event destinations.



The deadline is the 2 October (so they better get their skates on) with the findings set to be unveiled at IBTM World in Barcelona on the 28-30 Nov. Industry specialists Sarah Flemming Associates will helm the research, covering topics like government relationships, funding, event value to regions, and future planning.

Martin Fullard, director, news and content, The Business of Events, said: “Destinations play a vital role in advocating for a strong business events sector within their cities, regions or countries. They are on the front line of understanding buyer trends and are therefore well positioned to advocate for the sector.

“The industry has experienced an excellent bounce back over the last two years, and we expect the 2023 Global Destination Report to provide evidence of a continued upwards trend.”


We’re about done here guys and gals.

See you on the flip side for more newsy goodness next week!