Insight: Issue 168 | Wed 24 Jan - Cameron Events | Glasgow

Insight: Issue 168 | Wed 24 Jan

Cameron Events

There’s a storm (or 3) coming…


and that’s just in the events news world. At Cameron HQ, we’re ploughing ahead despite the continual madness of the January storm season….



Brace yourself – this week, we have; Mia launches peer groups to tackle industry issues; Female participants lead the resurgence in mass participation events, as participation rates move back to pre-pandemic levels; Nine Must-Read Stories: Industry Experts Talk Event Measurement and ROI; UK industry association beam welcomes new chair; George Michael could return to stage as ‘HoloWham’.


Glasgow earns £140M from hosting conferences in 2023


Eight peer groups have been launched by the Meetings Industry Association (mia) to support the evolving needs of the business meetings and events sector.



With clear terms of reference and assigned chairs, the new focus groups aim to “provide a platform for mia members to engage and collaboratively explore innovative solutions to the industry’s current opportunities and challenges.”

To date the designated special interest peer groups include large venues, academic venues, multi-venues, student membership, LGBTQ+, sustainability, destinations, Instant Book, and stadia with more in the pipeline for 2024.

“Our peer groups are specifically designed to facilitate and encourage much-needed conversations on issues and opportunities related to each area,” said the mia’s chief executive, Kerrin MacPhie.

“The groups purposefully span every corner of business meetings and events and offer a platform allowing our members to collectively join forces to efficiently address issues and identify opportunities to ensure that we as a sector are better equipped to adapt and thrive.”


Female participants lead the resurgence in mass participation events, as participation rates move back to pre-pandemic levels


Female participants have emerged as one of the driving forces behind the return to pre-pandemic levels of participation in mass events. The latest Mass Participation Pulse report has shed light on the shift in participation patterns, with female participants leading the revival of the mass events market.



Following the drop in participation levels post COVID, female participants were initially slower to return to events, but this year’s Pulse survey found levels of female participation rebound in 2023, with female participants reporting a bigger increase in the number of events they took part in than men last year.

This positive momentum looks set to continue in 2024, with female participants expressing greater enthusiasm and intention to increase the number of events they enter than male participants.

“After a disappointing 2022 for some event providers, it’s reassuring to see the number of events people have reported taking part in rising back to levels we’ve not seen since pre COVID,” said John Tasker, Partner of Massive.


Nine Must-Read Stories: Industry Experts Talk Event Measurement and ROI


The good people at Event Marketer have lined up 9 must-read stories which help event marketers to measure the impact of events and collect compelling data that proves how live experiences ladder up to real business goals.



From expert context on how artificial intelligence is helping event marketers measure events, to building experiences that put emotional ROI as a metric, it’s all here in these 9 expertly researched and insightful links. Click here to read more.


UK industry association beam welcomes new chair


Julie Shorrock, managing director of Hotel and Travel Solutions (HTS) has become UK industry association beam’s latest chair.

Shorrock who was previously vice-chair and has been a board director for many years, succeeds Sian Sayward who becomes immediate past chair and continues as governance director.



Shorrock said, “It has been an honour and privilege to serve as chair and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to lead the association.”

 “I’m taking over the reins at beam at a time when it is buoyant, thriving, and has plenty of momentum to grow further and continue to drive the industry and the association forward.”


George Michael could return to stage as ‘HoloWham’


And finally, there ain’t no careless whispers around here, as the news drops that George Michael could return to the stage as a hologram next year – almost a decade after his death (has it really been that long??)



Accounts filed by the former Wham! star’s company, Nobby’s Hobbies Holdings, at Companies House indicate that the estate has plans to branch out into live events.

The publicly available documents says: “Activity at the group will broaden in the next one to three years to include live public performances.”

When asked his thoughts on a hologram tour, Michael’s former Wham! bandmate, Andrew Ridgeley, told BBC’s Newsnight programme last year that it would be “fantastic” to have the band playing live, at its pomp.


I guess we just all gotta have faith that it’ll happen – right?



See you all next week troops!