Insight: Issue 172| Wed 13 March - Cameron Events | Glasgow

Insight: Issue 172| Wed 13 March

Cameron Events

Back with a bang


Another week, another flagon of events news incoming, with comments and excerpts that that are spanglier and more hard-hitting that Ryan Gosling’s jacket:



Coming up this week, we have; The Oscars 2024 are a triumph, say press; 6 benefits of having stylish furniture at your next exhibition; Sustainability in Events – Is it all green hushing?; ISE reports record-breaking attendance; and Willy Wonka Experience – how did the viral sensation go so wrong?


Oscars 2024 a triumph, say press


Two years on from the Smith / Rock ‘Slapgate’ episode and has anyone actually really recovered mentally? Well, it appears so, with this year’s event living up to its billing as the most star-studded evening on Planet Earth.



Three years after the dreadful COVID Oscars, it seems like everyone’s most favourite event might have finally re-found it’s mojo, with a memorable set of genuinely enjoyable moments alongside highly illuminating winners, and very few cringeworthy / hiding behind the couch vibes (although Al Pacino almost had a lot to answer for).


6 benefits of having stylish furniture at your next exhibition


First impressions always count. From the moment a delegate walks into a venue, they want to be dazzled yet feel comfortable – after all this will be their working home for the next day at least.

So Event Profs, what do you do to spruce things up at your next expo? Introduce some quality, designer furniture of course!



And just in case you’re not convinced, we’ve written a blog highlighting the 6 key reasons why….


Sustainability in Events – is it all green hushing?


In a recent article for Events Industry News, Matt Coyne of Waves Connects provides his own personal take and insight into one of the hot topics in events today – sustainability.



Matt touches on the term and definition of ‘Green Hushing’, before diving deeper into the Corporate Mindset of sustainability, how measurement is the only way forward and the exciting times ahead for event sustainability.

Read his fascinating opinions here.


ISE reports record-breaking attendance


With the numbers now all tallied, organisers have reported a record-breaking attendance of 73,891 at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) exhibition, held at the Fira de Barcelona, 30 January-2 February 2024.

With verified attendees from 162 countries, ISE 2024 solidified its position as a powerful destination for industry professionals seeking cutting-edge technologies, insightful education, and unparalleled networking opportunities. The also boasted the highest number of exhibitors to date at 1,408, who exhibited on over 82,000sqm of net space.



Other significant data released include first time visitor numbers of 24,815 people, with 46.92% of those coming from Spain.

The total number of visits across the four days reached 172,627, with an average of 2.2 days spent at ISE 2024 by attendees.

The next iteration of ISE is scheduled for 4-7 February 2025 in Barcelona and organisers are reporting a 10% increase in exhibitors re-booking booths compared to the previous year. The strong demand for exhibition space has led ISE to expand availability by opening up Hall 8.1, enhancing opportunities for showcasing innovation and engagement.

Click here to download the full ISE 2024 Facts & Figures report. 


Willy Wonka experience: How did the viral sensation go so wrong?


And finally….it’s the Glasgow-based event debacle that became global news….but where did it all go wrong for the Willy Wonka Experience?



It was billed as “the place where chocolate dreams become reality”. But visitors who hoped to relive the classic book and movies – including the 1971 original starring Gene Wilder – were left bitterly disappointed.

Inspired by the Roald Dahl character and the recent Wonka movie, it boasted an “Enchanted Garden” a “Twilight Tunnel” and an “Imagination Lab”…..but the reality was a damp squib of half-baked props, embarrassed actors and teary-eyed children.

Read all about it here….and keep an eye out for the upcoming documentary on Channel 5.


As the lights dim on our events news roundup for another week….


we’l leave the final words to the super slick Jimmy Kimmel, and his perfect riposte to a certain Mr Trump – bravo Jimmy!