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Tech Talk: VR and the events industry

Chris Norman

Virtual reality has only recently come into the spotlight.


So it might surprise you to know that the first documented VR headset dates back to 1968. Unlike today’s streamlined headsets, this one was suspended from the ceiling – and you’d need a chiropractor if you used it for any longer than 5 minutes.





VR in the real world

The applications for this technology are endless. Though it started out as an add-on to video games, VR has spread rapidly across a wide variety of sectors.

As recently as the past few months, local councils have invested in VR technology for Education. Imagine a History lesson on Ancient Egypt where students are able to experience the pyramids from the comfort of their desks. (We’re not sure VR for Physical Education would have the same benefits…)


VR + Events = Awesome!

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been investing heavily in immersive technologies. We’ve visited various trade shows and seminars on the subject, and we’re excited by the wide variety of possible applications for events.

Almost everyone has a mobile phone capable of viewing VR content. So our advice would be to take full advantage of that – incorporate VR to enhance the live experience. If you’ve got a launch event coming up, why describe your product when you can let your audience see it in virtual space?

Plus, with the ability to stream in full 360 degrees, you can increase your audience by giving those who couldn’t attend the live event the same experience. They can be part of the action, all from the comfort of their home or workplace.


Watch this space

We’d love to go into more detail, but some of our more exciting applications are still under development. Technology is changing drastically within our industry, and we’re always working to deliver the most innovative event technology for our clients.

For now, take a look at how we kept guests entertained at the Spaces Launch Event