#ThisIsWhyWeDoIt : Gillian O’Neill - Cameron Events | Glasgow

#ThisIsWhyWeDoIt : Gillian O’Neill

Gillian O'Neill

My journey to Cameron


This is only my third job in 28 years – which isn’t very many by today’s standards!

I first met Chris Cameron Snr in 1991, when I worked in the Commercial Department at Rangers Football Club. Chris Snr and his then associate, John Williams, began producing videos for the club. And in 1996 I went to work as John’s PA in the Cameron premises on Burnfield Road – where we’re still based today!

As times and technologies changed, Chris Snr moved the company into new areas. I began helping out in the accounts department in 2009, and became the sole member of accounts staff in 2011.

I’m now the Group Business Administration Manager, overseeing all of the company’s administration, as well as finance, payroll, HR, and lots of other things!

Why I love what I do

I love the variety of my job. There are always lots of things on the go and I like the challenge. I’m quite an organised person (some would say control freak…) so when things are running smoothly, it’s really satisfying. I can be quite tough when I’m in getting-things-done mode, but everyone knows I’m really a big softie!

Looking forward

I’ve known the company and the Camerons for most of my life (eek!). There are quite a few of us who fall into that category (I’m by no means the longest-serving member of staff!) which shows a sense of loyalty you don’t see much nowadays. So there’s a group of us who have grown up here (not matured, just grown up!) and it does feel like an extended family.

I look forward to many more years as part of #TeamCameron!