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the beast from the east bites

If you’ve been hiding under your duvet for the last few days (and if you have, we’re jealous), you might not know that Glasgow is buried under about 14 inches of snow. Offices and schools are closed, public transport has ground to a halt, and civilisation as we know it has ended…Okay, that last bit isn’t true, but we’ve got a flair for the dramatic.

Regardless of what Mother Earth says, we had a job to do. That job was The London Transport Awards, so it was only fitting that we’d have trouble getting there. Curse you, irony.

you have reached your destination

The blizzard hit overnight, the roads were treacherous, and all trains were cancelled. All except one—the very last train heading south from Glasgow. Our team was scattered across the city, but we somehow all managed to board just as the doors closed. We reckon it was fate. We were meant to be on that train. (There’s that dramatic flair again.)

With the travelling behind us, the real excitement began. The LTAs celebrate excellence and innovation in public transport, services which people rely on every day. We pulled out all the stops: a whole host of AV kit, branded flats and lecterns, with a sponsor loop and punchy intro video to sweeten the deal. Our difficult journey was forgotten with the first round of applause—the guests were having fun, and that’s what it’s all about.

cameron: 1, snow: 0

The Beast from the East bites…but we bite back! Congrats to all the winners and nominees. We can say from first-hand experience, you deserve it all.

inches of snow
miles travelled
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