Spring/Summer Conference - Cameron Events | Glasgow

these schuhs are made for walkin'

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and you’ve got a spring in your step. Why the good mood? Because you’re wearing new shoes, of course. And nothing beats new shoes.

When our friends at Schuh asked us to work with them on their Spring/Summer Conference, we gladly accepted. Our task was to help them show off their newest kicks to their staff and shoe gurus. They chose one of our favourite venues in Glasgow, the SWG3 Galvanizers Yard, so we knew exactly what would work in the space. You could say, we knew how to put our best foot forward.

double time

With a click of the heels, we brought the venue to life – one side for the enormous array of shoes (it looked like Imelda Marcos’ wardrobe), the other side for the massive projection and main presentation. Damn, those visuals looked good.

But why tell you, when we can show you? Check this out, Imelda…


Watching people work is exhausting.

shoe lovers in attendance
pairs of shiny new shoes (we're guessing, it was a lot)

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