Insight: Issue 152 | Wed 6 Sept – Cameron Events

Insight: Issue 152 | Wed 6 Sept

Cameron Events

News up….


In the week where Nessie hunters got their most exciting piece of photographic evidence yet (see below – look fishy?), we’ve had sightings of some extremely astonishing news of our own.



So what’s been happening: Early autumn trade fair success in Scotland; Farnborough International Airshow 2024 reports “record-breaking demand”; VisitAberdeenshire appoints new head of convention bureau; Working With Food Designers 101: Everything You Need to Know; and Market for AR, VR and MR displays to hit $4.6bn by 2034.


Early autumn trade fair success in Scotland


This year’s big revamp of Scotland’s Trade Fair Autumn proved to be a humdinger.

Swapping out late September for a new August slot (20th-21st), this year’s show saw 115 retailers bringing in significant orders, with buyers snapping up everything from gifts to homeware, crafts, jewellery and textiles. The good thing is – this earlier timing allows retailers to restock ahead of English trade gift shows.



Amidst dwindling inventories after a busy summer tourism season, the Craft Gallery emerged victorious as a fave among jewellery, craft, and textile suppliers, especially appealing to galleries, high-end retailers, and those on the hunt for something a wee bit different. Additionally, the Launch Gallery, set up for new young companies, showcased the likes of Muka Jewellery, The Ink Balm, LilyBee, and the Purple Sage Soap Company.

National Museums of Scotland’s Judith Gray said: “It is very important to have a show at this time of year as you can spend more time seeing suppliers, searching for new ones and seeing the products in person. Nothing beats sourcing at a Trade Fair.”


Farnborough International Airshow 2024 reports “record-breaking demand”


Farnborough International Airshow is really taking off.

Thanks to a rosy outlook in the aerospace industry (on track for a 14% annual growth in commercial revenue) the show is seeing an all-time high in requests for exhibition space, sponsorships, and marketing for its July 2024 jamboree.

In order to keep up with demand, the facility is building 17 new chalets, 50% of which have already been sold. The global airline biz is set to return to big time gains in 2023, with a projected $5 billion profit estimate. What’s more – the space market’s flying high too, aiming for the $1 trillion mark by 2030.



Gareth Rogers, CEO of Farnborough International, said: “At Farnborough International, we are ready to support the industry within this period of growth and act as a catalyst for positive, future-focused change that will steer the trajectory of aerospace, space and defence for the next decade. We are working tirelessly with the global aerospace industry to provide opportunities at the 2024 airshow and will be implementing a waitlist for those who are still keen to engage with the event.”


VisitAberdeenshire appoints new head of convention bureau


Say hello to Laura Wilson, the newest head of convention bureau on VisitAberdeenshire’s leadership team.

She takes over the reins from Millie Clarke, who’s taking on a new role as head honcho of tourism development following a restructuring.



In the past year, Aberdeen Convention Bureau has collabed with various partners, submitting 38 bids that have the potential to bring in £19m for the region and over 79,000 bed nights.

Chris Foy, CEO, VisitAberdeenshire said: “Laura brings extensive client-side and convention bureau experience and is a key appointment at just the right time as more and more associations realise the potential to explore new horizons in Aberdeen.”


Working With Food Designers 101


Hungry for some tasty design? Luckily, Exclamation’s top dog, Thomas Serrano is here to give us the lowdown on how to achieve foodie perfection at our next event.

We’ll round up his take on food designers in to a more bitesize chunk.



In the events business, it’s an age old mistake to automatically opt for top-tier caterers or chefs. Instead, event managers should align the food and drink experience with the event’s brand and goals. Providing a unique dining experience becomes crucial, especially when it comes to luxury events attended by individuals accustomed to fine dining. Food designers (creative geniuses who whip up unique culinary experiences) are a valuable asset. They create meaning through presentation, flavour combos and originality, seamlessly connecting it to the brand identity.

When selecting a food designer, rely on recommendations and references rather than social media. Choosing the right designer depends on their experience aligning with the event’s goals. Food designers contribute significantly to crafting memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences that those lux event guests are seeking.


Market for AR, VR and MR displays to hit $4.6bn by 2034


A shiny new report from market research gurus IDTechEx predicts that the AR, VR, and MR display market will hit the big $4.6 billion mark by 2034, growing at a whopping 11% rate. It’s thought the surge will come from gaming VR headsets by Meta, Sony, and Pico, alongside AR glasses from Vuzix and Microsoft.



The upcoming Apple Vision Pro MR headset launching next year is also set to give the market a leg up. In light of this, IDTechEx expects AR and VR tech to dominate the XR display market throughout the next decade.


We’ll wrap it up there for now.

Check out next weeks edition for more enthralling events newsery.