Insight: Issue 164 | Wed 6 Dec - Cameron Events | Glasgow

Insight: Issue 164 | Wed 6 Dec

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Heading the charge this week, we have; AEO appoints new membership development and data executive; IBTM World launches 2024 World Trends Report; Business meetings and events trends and predictions for 2024; EN’s takeaways from B2B Marketing Expo; and Epson shines a spotlight on five projection trends for 2024.


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UK’s AEO appoints new membership development and data executive


Firstly, the UK-based Association of Event Organisers (AEO) has appointed Danielle Beru as membership development and data executive.

In this role, Beru will be supporting Sarah Scott, the director of events and operations with new membership applications, processing of sponsorship and partnership agreements, data analysis, member engagement and more.



Beru said: “As a new team member joining AEO I have been welcomed and supported at every step. The prospect of contributing to the dynamic field of events, coupled with the collaborative and innovative environment AEO offers, has been great. I am very excited to see where my journey in AEO will take me, and am very excited to attend my first event soon.“


IBTM World launches 2024 World Trends Report


IBTM World’s 2024 World Trends Report, presented by Alistair Turner, delves into critical macro-economic, political, ecological, and technological issues impacting the meetings and events industry. Key themes include AI’s influence, growing accessibility importance, and the economic outlook.

The report also explores the pivotal role of the industry in shaping global outcomes amidst the crucial year of 2024. Notably, it introduces the concept of ‘Generation Me,’ emphasising hyper-personalisation, accessibility, and individual security in event creation.



Turner commented: “It is no understatement to say that 2024 will be one of the most important years of the 21st century. The economic, political, and ecological outlook of our planet is on a knife edge and the advent of AI can swing it in a number of ways.

“Our industry has a crucial say in these outcomes and this year’s report looks to understand what this role should be, and how we can act to create positive environments around the biggest conversations of our time. The results are fascinating and I’m looking forward to trying to bring them to life at IBTM World 2023.”


Business meetings and events trends and predictions for 2024

As 2024 fast approaches, Event Industry News spoke to some of the event industry’s leading figures to find out what they think the next 12 months will have in store for the sector.



According to such luminaries as Kerrin MacPhie (Chief Executive of the Meetings Industry Association) and Josh Abbott (Marketing Manager, Foxhills Club & Resort) amongst others, hot topics will range from ‘Building trust through Accreditation’, ‘Greater commercialisation and investment’ and ‘Nostalgia and Heritage in event Experiences’, whilst also embracing a lean towards Wellness in Events

Interested?  Of course you are. Click here for your crystal ball into events in 2024.


EN’s takeaways from B2B Marketing Expo


Exhibition News had a successful two days exhibiting at the B2B Marketing Expo in partnership with Roar B2B, who will also be a partner for the upcoming EN Marketing Conference and Awards.



As well as learning from marketers at the expo, EN offered other tips and insights to exhibitors and event marketers who are looking to maximise ROI at events and generate high-quality leads. These included:


Clearly setting your objectives and expectations

Sending prompt follow-ups

Sharing any content post-event

Requesting feedback 

Offering exclusive content or deals 

Evaluating your event


Click here for more info on these invaluable takeaways.


Epson shines a spotlight on five projection trends for 2024


And finally, Ramzi Shakra and Remi Del Mar, senior product managers at Epson, have been predicting the future for hybrid meeting rooms, immersive experiences, outdoor installations, ed tech and faith-based settings.



In a nutshell (you know how much we love nutshells), these were:

Optimising hybrid meeting rooms

With more employees in the office this year, companies are re-evaluating meeting room spaces and looking for new ways to create successful work environments that allow in-person and remote employees to feel part of a collaborative and productive workplace.


Resolution jump for immersive experiences

More and more immersive experiences will pop up around the globe. In fact, many of the installations are becoming even more sophisticated and demanding in today’s market. The need for adaptable, higher-resolution projection at a cost-effective price is on the rise, as the experiential market continues to grow and end users look for the right technology to make installations more realistic.


Projection moves outside – permanently

Although there’s been a tremendous increase in large-scale outdoor projection mapping in recent years – whether on buildings or lighting up festivals – these types of installations have typically been temporary in nature. 2024 will see a move toward more permanent outdoor projections which light up city skies and dazzle viewers.


Evolving education technology

The evolution of technology in education spaces is certainly not slowing down. As an integral part of learning today, educators and students deserve new and improved ways to display and interact with classroom content – but to be successful, these tools need to be flexible and user friendly.

More options for aspect ratio, including ultra-wide 21:9 and 16:6, will enable educators to enjoy split-screen at larger image sizes and provide a better experience with remote lesson participants.


Projection elevating faith-based settings

The demand for immersive and engaging experiences is on the rise in faith-based settings, with projectors becoming more sought after in these spaces as powerful visual media tools that can help excite and entice communities with big and bright displays.


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